UV Gel Soak Off Nail Polish

UV Gel Soak Off Nail Polish

Natural Gel Nail Polish Colors Beautilux Simply Soak Off UV Natural Gel Nail Polish Colors Collection features skin tone shades for a classic look. These highly pigmented Natural nude gels are perfect for achieving a natural look while hiding any nail imperfections at the same time. Because not...

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UV Gel Soak Off Nail Polish

Beautilux Platinum Gel Polish is a using high-density materials, it is supper shiny pigments will created a unique fashion. Beautilux Gel Polish Platinum Colors contains extreme shiny glitter which is made of silver coated glass flake. It is even too sparkling to look at, however you cannot help watching it.

Why choose Beautilux Gel Polish Products?

1.     Good durability: Easy smearing, no cracking or drop off, fast curing, long lasting for 1 month.

2.     Enviromental freindly formula, Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene free, resin imported from US, Germany, Japan, protect your nail, care your health.

3.     High quality, no sinking ,no impurity, no shirinking, no flowing, long lasting glossy and durability.

4.     Rich colors, eternal classic.



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Beautilux cosmetics company focus on product quality, with many varieties of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, get the trust of our customers.

Product Advantages: Gentle and non-irritant, pure resin soak of gel nail polish, low sensitivity and no stimulation, no corrosive, no harmful chemical substances, rich color, high brightness.

Easy soak off, easy to remove without file, is a very mature product in gel nail polish, the color is constantly renewing, the special formula makes our gel nail polish lasting for 30 days, using high-density materials, can maintain a long tenacity. Even dry housework, office and daily activities can keep your nails as new. Beautilux brings not just color beauty, but alsk harmless to nails.

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