Chrome Nail Polish Gel

Deep Red Gel Polish Beautilux gel polish deep red gel polish colors is with good consistence and good leveling ability, high pigment make it only need to apply one layer. Non-chipping long lasting for above 3 weeks, easy remove within 10 minutes. Curing time: UV for 2 minutes, LED for 1 minute....

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Chrome Nail Polish Gel

Chrome nail polish gel, the new generation if chrome nail polish gel, absolutely real gel polish, need to cure by LED lamp. Marvelous mirror effect. Only one silver color, but can get different color after applying glass gel on it. Beautilux is a professional chrome nail polish gel manufacturer and supplier, most of our raw materials are from America, Japan, that makes our gel polish with the character of long lasting durability, good leveling ability, easy soak off.

Application for gel nails with polish: 

Pure color application.jpg

1.Use the nail buffer to make the nail surface smooth.

2.Brush base coat, and cure by gel lamp for 1 min.

3.Brush chrome nail polish gel and cure by gel lamp for 30 second. 

4.Brush top coat ,and cure by gel lamp for 30 second.

6.Wipe the alcohol in the nail surface.

The color chart of chrome nail polish gel

Metallic Gel 15 ML black.jpg

Chrome Nail Polish Gel

Metallic Gel 15 ML white.jpgChrome Nail Polish Gel

About Beautilux

Beautilux is a factory base company specializing in supplying all kinds of gel nails with polish. We focus on development,manufacture and sales.The materials are from America, Japan, Taiwan.Our products have been sold in markets as far away as  Europe,North America,South America,Asia etc.

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