Can you apply nail polish after pregnancy?

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Can you apply nail polish after pregnancy?

  The beauty of the people are there, the community in the development of people's pursuit of beauty is also getting higher and higher, "beautiful project" throughout the women's body, nail is a rapid development in recent years, a beauty project, some women in pursuit of beauty, Do not forget to apply nail polish. In fact, this behavior on pregnant women and fetuses will cause adverse effects.

  First, toxic substances harmful to health

  Currently on the market sales of nail polish mostly nitrocellulose as the base material, together with acetone, ethyl ester, butyl, phthalic acid and other chemical solvents and plastic and colored dyes made of these chemicals on the human body have some poison effect. Pregnant women in the hand to eat things, nail polish in the toxic chemicals is easy to enter the body with the food, and through the placenta and blood into the fetus, over time, it will affect the health of the fetus. Pregnant women nails crisp and easy to break, often due to nail polish caused.

  Second, phthalate injury to the fetus

  Nail polish and other cosmetics containing phthalates if long-term absorption by the body, not only very harmful to human health, and the most likely to cause miscarriage and birth of pregnant women. So pregnant or lactating women should avoid the use of labeled "phthalate" the words of cosmetics, anti-phthalate ester caused by abortion or infant malformations.

  This kind of harmful substances will also harm the baby below the waist organs, causing genital malformations; mothers breast-feeding during the use of this material cosmetics, children grow up, may suffer from infertility or impotence, which is phthalate ester Hormones play a role in the consequences.

  Third, nail polish affect pregnancy check

  Pregnant women go to the hospital for prenatal care, in particular, should not pay attention to nail polish, because the color of the nails sometimes need to be diagnosed as a doctor reference, such as anemia, heart disease, painted nail polish can not make the right judgment.

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