How to buy for their own lipstick

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  How to buy for their own lipstick

  1. dozens of colors side by side, which must have a most eye-catching. This lipstick of color will highlight the lips in particular. If you lip-shaped perfect, tidy teeth, and hope to become the focus of everyone's attention, choose this one and then fit.

  2. wow! Really beautiful - in fact not necessarily, in the white background against the color look good, painted in the mouth may not be beautiful. Do not bother, be sure to personally try, painted on your face is really beautiful beautiful!

  3. If there is really no one can be desirable, then advise you to choose the most humble that one. The kind of in the counter seems simple, and even people can not tell what color lipstick, but it seems natural and comfortable. You may be skeptical, but try to know you!

  4. When choosing lipstick, pay attention to the brand and color. If the skin autumn and winter makeup color yellow, we must choose warm series, to avoid the use of pink tones. Although the pink lipstick look good, but yellowish skin coated it will appear to be skin sallow, unhealthy. And the skin of the white people, it is suitable for pink lines, coated with the skin will be painted pink and pleasant.

  5. Before lipstick, lipstick should be brought to the clothes to do some contrast, choose the color is relatively similar. If the clothes are black and white, bright red or purple lipstick will make you even more gorgeous star temperament.

  6. honey color of the skin, with bright lipstick produce contrast effect, so that the skin becomes more healthy and beautiful.

  7. If you like to use no color plain lipstick, then the other parts of the face must have a healthy red color, in order to make your face look lively, otherwise it will appear old-fashioned.

  8. lip liner is a good lipstick partner, with lip liner pen first painted lip line, for the lips are not neat people, is a good modification, but also to prevent the flush of halo. To develop the habit of lipstick with cotton sticks, do not let the lips directly contact lipstick, so neither hygiene, and easy to make lipstick deterioration.

  9. If you want the lips show silky soft color, may wish to apply a little bit of lipstick after lipstick, lips up and down sip, the lips will be able to fully show a soft texture.

  10. Remember, never let your lips show only one color, day after day, they will produce aesthetic fatigue.

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