How to choose a good quality uv gel polish?

- May 19, 2018 -

Method One: Look at a nail polish. We don't need to pay too much attention to its bright appearance, but we must look at its color card. 

Gel Polish Nail.jpg

(1) Color, the color of nail oil glue is the main parameter of our choice. Is there a lot of color that we need, is it sold on the market? The actual color and color card generally have chromatic aberration, emphasize to see this kind of chromatic aberration size.

(2) Color and lustre, not to be confused by the appearance of color CARDS. General color card is coated with a layer, color is better. It is best to apply it on your own when choosing the uv gel. After the phototherapy, the top layer is not applied, and the color is relatively good. This indicates that the gel polish formulation is used as a grade A raw material.

(3) Texture, the raw material of gel polish is prepared by basic gel and color paste. If the color paste and the base glue do not blend well, even delamination, it is definitely not a good uv gel.

(4) thin and thick, the color of the color card is related to the thin thickness of the coating, and only one stock color, will get the perfect color, which is good gel polish. Conversely, it is worth considering a product that is thick enough to achieve a beautiful color.

Colored Uv Gel Polish.jpg

Method two: Paint, you have to apply it by yourself. Only if you personally experience it, you can feel the quality of it. Feel the viscosity, color, quality of the brush, the feel of the bottle cap... It is the focus of our investigation to see whether the gel and surface are smooth, blistered and wrinkled.

Dark Gel Nail Colors.jpg

Method three: the characteristics of base gel and top coat and coloruv gel. A kind of uv gel polish should be comprehensive qualitative investigation, must be combined together. Problems in any part of the process, the product you choose will not guarantee good quality.

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