How to choose lipstick hair lips charm

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  How to choose lipstick hair lips charm

  Lipstick, also known as lipstick, lip stick, is to make the lips ruddy shiny, to moisture, protect the lips, increase facial beauty and modify the lips contours have set off the role of the product, is one of the essential beauty cosmetics, as long as the choice for their own Lip color can instantly change their temperament, can show women's sexy, charming.

  The choice of lip color: lip gloss, lipstick and lip gloss difference?

  Lipstick, especially make-up, also known as lipstick (lipstick tube), solid, smear coloring better, basically no luster. Lip gloss and lip gloss is almost the same, is a fluid. Lip gloss moisturizing effect is better. The lip gloss is mostly transparent color, or colorless. Very often, lip gloss is also called transparent lip gloss or lip cold.

  Lip color choice: how to choose their own lip color

  Pure and lovely type: choose to focus on the main color of pink color, such as pearl pink, pink orange, purple, etc., can be a good show of innocence and lively girls, avoid thick and strong colors.

  Bright and charming type: choose red, deep berry, smoked purple lip color, tedious, distributed warm sexy charm.

  Elegant and beautiful type: choose rose red, purple or brown lip color, mature and soft to the people of intellectual, elegant and noble feeling.

  According to the color of the skin to choose their own lipstick

  White skin MM: choose cool color (with blue) lip color, such as purple, rose red, pink, etc., can make people full of youthful romantic look. Choose warm color (with yellow) lipstick tube (lipstick tube), such as warm tea red, cinnamon, etc., then filled with mature elegance.

  Skin dark yellow MM: only choose warm color in the dark red, such as brown red, plum red, deep coffee, etc., so that the skin becomes white and transparent. Do not call light or silver lipstick, because light-colored lipstick will be compared with the skin, leaving the skin even more bleak.

  Should be based on age to buy lipstick

  Young and delicate skin than the white, lipstick color can be slightly clear, such as pink, color lipstick and pink, middle-aged women, should use the crimson, soil red and other solemn colors.

  Should be based on skin color to buy lipstick

  ① white skin color, suitable for any color lipstick, but the higher brightness of the varieties for the best.

  ② color is more suitable for red ocher red, dark red and other low brightness of the color.

  ③ pink gives a young, warm, soft feeling. If you use pink lipstick, with a set of the same tone of clothing, will make your equipment blooming spring color

  ④ red gives a bright and eye-catching feeling, so if you painted bright red lipstick, the whole person will become high spirits, passionate.

  ⑤ ocher red color is a kind of close to the brown color. Rub on this color lipstick, will appear dignified, elegant, quite classical charm.

  ⑥ orange with red passion and yellow bright. Painted orange lipstick, will give a warm, active feeling, very suitable for young and lively girl to use.

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