How to choose the right lipstick ?

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Two principles for choose lipstick:

lipstick type and texture is indeed too much. It's seems very difficult to choose the right lipstick. There are two basic principles can be for your reference: 

1, should be based on Age to buy lipstick: 

young and delicate skin than white, lipstick color can be slightly clear, such as pink, color lipstick and pink, middle-aged women, should use the crimson, red soil and other solemn colors.

2, should be based on skin color to buy lipstick: 

(1) complexion of white people: suitable for any color lipstick, but the higher brightness of the varieties for the best; 

(2) color is more suitable for red ocher red, dark red


In addition, when choosing lipstick / lipstick, be sure to pay attention to some experience, after a long attempt to always find their own set of methods:

 1, for the eye-catching color Situation: dozens of colors side by side together, which must have a most eye-catching. This lipstick of color will highlight the lips in particular. If you lip-shaped perfect, tidy teeth, and hope that they become the focus of everyone's attention, choose this one and then fit. 

2, looking at the beautiful color to buy: looks beautiful color is not necessarily suitable for you, in the white background against the color look good, painted in the mouth may not be beautiful. Do not bother, be sure to personally try, painted on your face is really beautiful beautiful 

3, there is no special wish when the choice: then advise you to simply choose the most humble that one. The kind of in the counter seems simple, and even people can not tell what color lipstick, but it is natural to use, comfortable. 

4, brand and color: choose lipstick, pay attention to the brand and color. If the skin autumn and winter makeup color yellow, we must choose warm series, to avoid the use of pink tones. Although the pink lipstick look good, but the yellow skin coated it will appear to be skin sallow, unhealthy. And the skin of the white people, it is suitable for pink lines, coated with the skin will be painted pink and pleasant. 

5, lipstick should not only meet with the face but also with the clothes: in the lipstick before the lipstick to get clothes to do some contrast, choose the color is relatively similar. If the clothes are black and white, bright red or purple lipstick will make you even more gorgeous star temperament. 

6, according to the choice of lip: too thick lips, should choose deep dark solid lip color, the best rub with silty lipstick, so that the lips look thin and thin. Too thin lips, should choose light shiny lip color, or finally in the middle of the lips and then a layer of light lipstick, so that the lips look rich and full.

7, according to sooner or later choose: late makeup with dark night lighting, should choose strong and lively and even shiny lips, to point out the magnificent image of luxury. Day makeup, due to strong light during the day and bright, so choose natural soft lips, can be used in the middle of the tone, to the pure and solemn impression.

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