How to paint lipstick one day do not bleach?

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  How to paint lipstick one day do not bleach?

  Step1: To keep the lipstick does not fade, the lips can not be too dry or dead skin. Apply lipstick before the application of lip exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin.

  Step2: Then use moisturizing but not greasy lipstick smear on the lips. Matte not bright texture can be more perfect on the makeup.

  Step3: use a small amount of concealer to shoot the lips, do not cover the pink color of the lips. Concealer can help your lips more durable, if your lip is relatively deep or the color of the lips darker, can be very good to help you enhance the lips color.

  Step4: draw the outline of the lip with a concealer pen, and then use the finger pulp to make it slightly halo, so that in the upper lipstick can avoid your lipstick to draw the edge, can help your lips contour display super clear.

  Step5: Lips again with lip liner again

  Step6: follow the steps to the two parts to determine the smear.

  Step7: Apply the entire lips

  Step8: take a facial tissue, it will be divided into the thinnest layer, then flutter some powder on the thin paper, can make your lipstick color more durable, it seems with a sense of matte.

  Step9: again with lipstick slightly brightened, then you can confidently go out to let others envy to go!

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