Knowledge that you have to know after doing manicure

- Nov 27, 2017 -

From the color point of view,Dark skinned women choose dark red, red bean paste and other dark series is more appropriate; White skinned women use light-colored or colorless and transparent nail polish will be very beautiful; light-colored nail polish will make your fingers look slim and slender; pink and beige will be gentle hand contours.When you finish manicures,what shoud you pay attention to ?

1. Do not use your fingernail to open the bottle cap and pull the hairpin.

If you need to pull the hairpin when you can use your fingers, the bottle opener is the bottle opener.

2. When doing housework, please wear plastic gloves, to avoid the wear of hands and nails.

3. When the nails edge rupture, please apply two layers of nail polish and remember to trim at any time.

4. In bedside tables and desks in your home, nail clippers and hand creams should be available for immediate access.

5.nails for smoking or prolonged use of dark tri-color nail polish and lemon can be used to deal with.

6 every day with half a fresh lemon wipe, rub for two weeks to remove stains.

7. When washing hands should be gentle, to avoid scratching the nails with a hard brush or rough nails with hard objects, this will make the nail becomes fragile, and will also cause nail upturned, from the nail bed.

8 When applying hand care products, nail wraps should also be properly treated around the angle of the skin.

9. Bad blood circulation not only makes the hands appear spots, bruising, nails are also cyan, should be fully massage, strengthen blood circulation, blood flow to both hands and nail bed, so that the restoration of healthy luster.

10. Painted colored nail polish should be coated with a layer of colorless nail polish protection to prevent nail polish in the pigment deposition on the nail surface. For the phenomenon of nails deposition, it should automatically let off, this is the best approach, do not bleach nails with bleach.

11. Do not bite nails, this is a bad habit.

12. Do not use nails as a tool to use, should use the relevant special tools.

13. Few false nails to wear, because the fake nails easy to hide the dirt between, to provide conditions for bacterial reproduction, and the real nail is covered under the false nails, will become fragile and easy to break. [Repair damage] finally poured the energy painted nail, nail polish has not yet dry, but accidentally scraped the scars, as the flaws on the jade, people heart to heart. Actually, you can use nail polish to correct it and make it beautiful again.

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