Lets talk about matte lipstick?

- Oct 18, 2017 -

In the past, when someone recommended lipstick, lipgloss and glaze, people always asked: "Is this dry ?"

When it comes top lip makeup, a lot of people are afraid of dry, they like moist bright makeup effect and texture.
Looking around the world, in fact is easy to find, some interesting rule:

For Japan and South Korea's lip makeup, matte products are relatively less, especially in Japan, almost all go moist route, may also be that Asians prefer moist makeup; European and the American more inclusive. but many European girl also had preference for matte lip products, even particularly lip wrinkles there is absolutely no fear.

People think that really water lip will appear each one has its own merits, more adorable girl more flesh, more suitable for spring and summer; matte matte lip will have a higher quality, more power, more suitable for autumn and winter. There's not much tail in summer! Today we talk about the matte lipstick, afraid the baby really dry matte can try another get, may do the same as you!

Persistence: there are people who see when moist lips ask: this long? The answer is almost negative, and there's not much moisture lasting. Often lasting lip, are matte matte, durable degree, generally more dry more durable... Some even do not touch the cup, kiss can not be dropped...... But there is no need for blind pursuit of persistence. The individual is more afraid of the lipstick too long, the more you can not wipe off, the more terror.

prominent lip lines: for the problem of lip lines, some people are afraid of others feel  them too sexy. The richer the lips, the easier it is to "squeeze" the lines without laughing or slightly pouting. If you are afraid to do, if love dry lip render; to maintain the original matte, directly coated.

Coverage: in addition, generally speaking, Matte Lip Glaze lipstick coverage is better than a moist. So people are not afraid of deep color, often can cover the original lip color, and not through.

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