Lip Care Tips

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Lip Care Tips

  Moving lips, in a move a quiet, smiles, interpretation of thousands of charming, all the style. Do not think that lipstick is a simple thing to make the lips more charming, with a lipstick can not do, and a lot of knowledge.

  Encounter lips skin easy to dry the situation, some people used to lick their lips even if this is a very bad practice. Licking the lips just let the water stay in the outside of the lips, play a short moisturizing effect, Lip Care the water will evaporate for a while, and will be linked to the internal moisture of the lips also evaporate, so that the lips more dry. The correct solution is to apply lipstick with moisturizing ingredients.

  · Lips dry serious people usually should eat too hot food and drink, because the temperature is too high food easy to damage the lips cuticle, so that the skin more easily peeling dry.

  Often stay in the air conditioning environment, in addition to coating with moisturizing effect of the lipstick, Lip Care but also often drink water, so that the skin to maintain adequate water. In addition, eat more fruits, vegetables also help improve the situation of the lips.

  Some people like to tear the dead skin on the lips by hand. This is a very wrong way, and it is bad to break the blood. Lip Care The correct way is after the cleansing, with a hot towel deposited in the lips for 5 to 10 minutes to soften the lips skin to help remove dead skin. After removing the dead skin, and then coated with lip balm care.

  · UV will also bring damage to the lips skin, according to their own situation, once or every day with SPF15 sunscreen coefficient of lip balm.

  Do not wipe the lipstick directly with a paper towel, which will increase the lip, serious and even cause inflammation. It is best to use a special lip remover.

  The lip of the lip is a good way to keep your lips. Apply the moisturizing mask to the lips and wash it after 20 minutes. Lip Care If you do a lip shower at the same time to do a hot bath, you can also use the bathroom heat to help the absorption of skin care products.

  · Lip massage can help lip skin absorption and maintenance ingredients, can also help remove the lips dead skin. In addition, it also helps the lip blood circulation, Lip Care promote metabolism, so that the lips soft and delicate. Method is to use the pulp gently in the lips on a small circle, a few minutes.

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