Lips care is the maintenance of the lips

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Lips care is the maintenance of the lips. Lips against the environment of endurance is the body of the skin the weakest, most easily "aging". Lips on the skin has been exposed, it is vulnerable to environmental damage, so moisturizing, replenishment is the focus of winter lips lessons.

  People usually think that as long as the lip balm can be made to make adequate protection of the lips, but in fact the lips should be comprehensive care, Lip care because the lips against the environment of endurance is the body's skin, the weakest and most "aging" The Can be chosen to face care from the belly of the crush, but I do not know the lips also need careful care, so that the phenomenon of dry lips or even peeling, lost past glory.

  Wink, the most easy to leave a good impression is the lips of the luster. You can care to pay attention to the lips of the OL, no doubt is the most know how to cherish their own love woman.

  Lips on the skin was very fragile, Lip care coupled with has been exposed, so it is vulnerable to environmental damage and become angry. Because there is no secretion of fat sebaceous glands, so the lack of a layer of natural protective film lip, not only easy to lose water, but also for the sun in the UV is no resistance, the choice of lip balm, lip gloss or lip glaze the best Can have a certain sun protection factor. With age, the amount of collagen in the skin of the lips skin will continue to decrease, the elastic weakened, which will directly lead to skin relaxation, increased wrinkles, and even spread to the lip line.

  Lips serious water shortage, showing chapped, Lip care or relatively deep lip, then try not to use no bleaching lipstick, otherwise it is easy to cause lips allergy. Once the lips have faded skin, the most effective way is to do a special care - before going to sleep in the lip smear a lot of lip balm. The method is very simple, first with a wet towel gently wipe the lips, and then coated with a thick layer of lip balm. Continuous care about a week, lips can be rejuvenated. Make a frosted care every week. As long as the nature of the more gentle exfoliating cream gently wiped on the lips, to retain 3-4 minutes or so, Lip care can effectively remove the old dead skin cells, accelerate metabolism, so that lips more healthy, moist.

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