Lipstick is a big family

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Lipstick is a big family. The market is no less than hundreds of lipstick, dazzling, so many lipstick, we need to first put them in a good team. Like the parade, only the division of the unit, who is strong and weak at a glance Well, Of course, in the lipstick here, is not the strength of the weak, just look at your own which is the most suitable.

  The basic classification of lipstick: lip gloss, moisturizing lipstick, long-lasting lipstick.

  (1) lip gloss

  Texture transparent, can be directly applied lip stick smear lips, or directly with lipstick dip smear, do not need to emphasize lip line, the effect is not lasting. Painted the effect of some people criticized "like stealing lard," the lip gloss, but in the girl's cosmetics, but the hot hands of the goods!

  (2) moisturizing lipstick

  Oil brightness slightly lower than lip gloss, it is easy to use the basic cosmetics. High levels of moisturizing lipstick, especially on the lips dry, peeling skin has a soothing effect. Recently moisturizing lipstick in addition to the effect of prominent water, autumn and winter also added a lot of pearl, aurora effect.

  (3) persistent lipstick

  The higher the silty, the stronger the matte effect. A new generation of long-lasting lipstick moisturizing degree of increase, even if the dressing is also more uniform. Generally directly used to apply the effect of lip, better than with a lip pen.

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