Lipstick is painted on the lips to give the beauty of color and luster of the cosmetics

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Lipstick is painted on the lips to give the beauty of color and luster of the cosmetics. The form is rod-shaped, pencil-like and ointment, etc., but the most common is the rod-like. Pencil lipstick is mainly used as a portrait of lips, usually red pen.

  Lipstick must have the performance is: smear the color to be clear, contour lines can not be blurred; appearance color and smear the color to be consistent, smear the color of the same time; in a certain period of time to keep shiny, not wrinkled and so on; Change, keep a pleasing appearance. In order to achieve the above effects, lipstick must be composed of a variety of ingredients. Such as rod-like lipstick formula: titanium dioxide 5.0%, red 204 No. 0.6%, orange 203 1.0%, red 223 0.6%, candelilla wax 9.0%, solid paraffin 8.0%, beeswax 5.0%, carnauba wax 5.0% 11.0% of lanolin, 44.8% of castor oil, 10.0% of isopropyl myristate, the appropriate amount of perfume, and the amount of antioxidant.

  It can be seen that the basis for making lipstick is oil, grease and wax. Oil, with good adhesion to high viscosity castor oil, but in recent years to solve the problem of rancidity and stench, most use similar to the castor oil structure, the oxidation of synthetic oil. Lipstick to have a good scalability, in order to facilitate the light depiction, generally to isopropyl myristate, glycerol triisostearate and other low viscosity synthetic ester oil and high viscosity oil and use. Wax, is to improve the melting point of the product, to maintain the rod shape. Use a small amount of carnauba wax, candel wax, can improve the hardness of the rod, so that the surface is more bright. Lanolin and lanolin derivatives can make oil and wax easy to mix, contribute to the dispersion of the dye, can be made of uniform color and real lipstick.

  Coloring with organic pigments, such as dyes "red 223", known as eosin, have a strong staining of the lips. Paint or lacquer made of pigment or lacquer is easy to fall off, so in order to better keep the color on the lips, often both use. Titanium dioxide is used to improve the lipstick coverage and hair color. If the amount is more, the resulting lipstick tone is poor, but the coverage is large and the brightness is good. Lipstick is the ladies commonly used cosmetics, some people painted every day, day wiping, therefore, health supervision departments of lipstick production to develop a strict health testing standards, its toxicity, allergies, carcinogenicity and other tests to To ensure that users use security. Generally speaking, swallowing a small amount of lipstick on the body is unlikely to cause harm. However, lipstick, after all, contains pigments (pigments), whether organic or inorganic pigments, most of the human body is not beneficial, as experts pointed out that for your health, should try to avoid lipstick into the belly. Some people may say that all cosmetics are tested by the health and epidemic prevention departments qualified after the sale of the market. This is true, the relevant state agencies is the provisions of the cosmetics lead, mercury and other toxic substances limit, but does not mean that does not contain these ingredients. Moreover, cosmetics in the production, sale and use of the process will be subject to varying degrees of pollution, if you do not erase lipstick before meals, the days will be "poison" from the mouth.

  In overseas, some ladies sit together to drink tea for dinner, always first with soft paper to wipe the lips on the lipstick; finished meal, remove a small mirror, facing the mirror to re-portray the lipstick. Although this practice is more trouble, but safe, worthy of imitation.

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