Lipstick production has gone through thousands of years of evolution

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Lipstick production has gone through thousands of years of evolution, is now toward the standardization, procedures and refine the direction of progress. There is reason to believe that modern lipstick production is a combination of science and practice.

  The following is the main process of making lipstick.

  ① manufacturing process lipstick manufacturing generally has two processes: one of the oil phase composition and the uniform composition of the coloring agent. The mixture obtained from this process is called the base material (batch); the second step is to process the batch and trim it.

  Here, please note: some lipstick color of the base material is colorless, then in the molding will be added to the color paste, and color contrast with the standard color, color adjustment.

  ② the other is the cooling can use water, ice, air and other cooling medium, so that the metal mold cooling. According to the formula can be used in both rapid cooling and slow cooling. Color adjustment using the appearance of color and coating color to visually and standard color to compare the difference to determine the difference, or use the spectrophotometer to determine the difference with the standard color.

  ③ lipstick formula lipstick formula is a science, in the deployment of various raw materials, are caused by scientific technology.

  ④ lips cosmetics quality standards, lipstick quality standards have strict rules.

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