Nail polish how to paint is not easy to fall?

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Nail polish how to paint is not easy to fall?

  A lot of female friends found that painted nail polish soon after the return, then, what can be coated with nail polish is not easy to fall pretty good?

  Nail polish applied to the nail after the formation of the film, fast and have a moderate color of the luster, you can protect the nails, but also give nail a beauty. Of course, now painted nail polish is also a female friend of a fashion, but often painted nail polish, and over time will be back, so that we are very troubled, the following teach you some skills, so that you painted nail polish is not only good-looking, But also not easy to fall out.

  Correctly nail polish way

  Before applying nail polish, please make sure that you have not cleaned, wiped or coated with grease. Before the nail polish, put the bottom with nail polish, modified pen, transparent nail polish prepared in the next. First of all, first coated with a layer of nail polish in the bottom, in addition to the longer lasting nail, but also to other nail polish when applied to more smoothly, at the same time, isolation nail polish pigmentation.

  Professionals often only with a thin brush coated with a layer of nail polish, brush from the middle of the fingertips to the past brush, and then painted on both sides of the nail. As the hiding power of nail polish is produced by the pigment, you may have to apply the second layer of nail polish. Finally, a layer of transparent nail polish can be more durable. Shiny and shiny.

  Nail polish attention

  1, nail polish is not completely dry when it is strictly prohibited hot water, and is strictly prohibited mouth blowing nail. After washing nail polish within 12 hours is strictly prohibited laundry. Otherwise it will cause the fingertips into pieces fall off.

  2, base oil 1 layer, nail polish 2 layer, bright oil 1 layer, no matter which layer must wait for a layer of completely dry before you can continue to the next layer, or dry there will be numerous small bubbles.

  3, nail polish is not dry the sooner the better, nail polish is the ingredients of formaldehyde volatile to let the nail polish slowly dry, dry the faster the more formaldehyde.

  4, the store nail polish completely dry need 1-3 hours. This as far as possible to take things to take things to tip upturned. Urgent MM can use a nail dryer (1 layer about 10 minutes dry, 4 layers 40 minutes), or quick-drying spray, you can dry the surface of the oil to reduce the viscosity, as far as possible to prevent nail polish The

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