Some of the knowledge regarding lips you have to know

- Sep 19, 2017 -


1. Wear darker foundation

If you’re going to go bold with your lip color, you’ve got to have a complementary backdrop for your face.

2. Don’t be afraid to blend different colors

Do you like the look of red lipstick, but think it might be too loud for you? Simply take a lighter hue like coral or mauve and blend it with that rose or burgundy you’ve been eyeing. The result will be a more muted tone that nearly anyone will be comfortable wearing.

3. Use it for the right occasion

While everyone loves red, luscious lips, the look isn’t appropriate for every social situation. you want everyone to be listening to your business proposal at that morning office meeting, not staring at your lips.

4.Don’t overdo it

If you want to avoid all the lipstick smudges and stains, you can start by only applying a light coating to your lips. This is especially important for red lipstick since it’s easier to spot on teeth and collars.

5. Use a lip liner

Using lipstick without a liner can lead to unnecessary smudging and streaking, especially when you’re wearing a red tone.

6. Don’t go dark if you have thin lips

If your lips are on the thinner side, you might want to avoid deeper tones of red. 

7. Pair it with a bold outfit

When you’re putting on lipstick, it’s important to think about what you’ll be wearing. Your wardrobe choice should dictate the shade you select.

8. Don’t wear too much jewelry around your face

Red lips can act as much like accessories as diamond necklaces or pairs of hoop earrings. In fact, you should treat your lips like jewelry. Less is more.

9. Find the right lipstick for you

Deciding on a lipstick is a very personal experience. You may know that you’d like one that’s red, but the rest of your decisions should be based on your personal taste.

10. Don’t be afraid

Wearing red lipstick is about more than just the color; it’s about the attitude. Be confident!

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