the details of lip care

- Oct 10, 2017 -

One step of lip care:use warm wet towels

In the early spring, your lips are peeling,looks dim and dark due to the dry weather? The best solution is putting a hot towel on the lips for 3 minutes before going to bed, then use a cotton swab gently rub off dead skin, and then coated with a layer of lipstick can make lips restore delicate.It can also effectively nourish and protect your lips, it is indeed a outstanding necessary before lips making-up.

The second step of lip care:Vaseline+Cling film

Your lips are so dry even though used lip balm?So hurry to try to smear Vaseline on the lips, and then circle massage with finger, can remove dead skin, and then coated with a layer of Vaseline, covered with plastic wrap, then hot towel for 5 minutes, then massage,you will be fine.

The Third step of lip care:Exfoliate with sugar

There is also horny on your lips,you can try to scrub your lips with the sugar if you want to make lips moisturized,the effect is very good.Hot packs lips with hot towel for 10 minutes, then add honey sugar, and massage for 2 minutes, then rinse off.

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