There are many uses for the lipsticks that you dont finished

- Oct 14, 2017 -


We have had such a situation: there are countless lipsticks in your makeup bag, even you cannot rememver when you bought them,and most of them are running out.If you have considered how to deal with these lipsticks, then this article is for you, there are many uses for the lipsticks that you dont finished...


Lip gloss: mixed the lip gloss and Vaseline then put on the back of your hand or painted with a lip brush on the plastic plate. It aims to use the temperature of your hand to melt the lip gloss, then more smooth.


Lipstick pen: Do you want to make the color of lipstick be softer? Try this trick: first thin coated layer, and then wipe excess lipstick with soft tissue,and repeated twice. As a result, the color penetrates the lips, rather than floating on the surface.


Lip liner: use a small lip brush dip lipstick then apply on the lips,and wait seconds,so that the stickiness of the lipstick would be better.Draw lip line with the lip liner then coloring.To customize your own lip liner!

Blush Paste: Mix lipstick and Moroccan nut oil on the back of your hand,and gently dip on your apple muscle with brush after foundation.It's better to choose light color of lipstick as a blush cream,for example, peach color is more suitable than cherry.

Eye Shadow: Ashish 2014 autumn show field, make-up artist Sharon Dowsett applied pink lipstick on the model's outside corner of the eye , to create a beautiful princess image. If this makeup does not meet your imagination, you can try to use nude color or tan to create shiny eye makeup.

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