There are more than ten kinds of uv gels with a variety of colors

- Oct 17, 2017 -

UV Gel Polish is soak off,long-lasting manicure product,which needs to be cure by uv lamp.At present,there are more than ten kinds of uv gels with a variety of colors in the market.Can you speak it? Do you know the characteristics of each style and how to use them? Let's see!

1, Pure Opaque Color Gel also named QQ gel, Barbie gel,is the main item of nail shop usually.


2, Glitter Gel contains different colors of the small and large sequins,which can make shiny effect.

Crystal Gel Nails-1.jpg

3, The principle of Luminous Gel is to absorb ultraviolet light during the day and then release the colored light at night,the light is like a firefly.It's suitabel for the girls who prefer to the night and exaggerated style.


4, Blossom Gel makes the color slowly dizzy on nail to creat the effect of blossom. 

Blossom gel wholesale alibaba05.jpg

5, Metal Gel,as the name implies,its own metal colors.


6, Painting Gel is used to do nail art for manicure,you can draw anything with it on nails.

7, The surface of Cat Eye Gel will appear a thin light strip,called "cat's eye flash" or "cat's eye light",you can make different shapes or colors of light strip, need to use a special magnet and gel.

8, Crack Gel will naturally form a crack effect.

9, The color of Temperature Change Gel will change with the temperature.You can also see the gradient effect if you apply it with long nail,because of the difference of temperature on your nails.

10, There are some small colored particles like sugar in the Cheese Gel, with strong three-dimensional sense, and the felling of most of the colors are fresh and sweet.

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