This simple trick makes your lipstick noticeably

- Sep 14, 2017 -

This simple trick makes your lipstick noticeably

1:Bitten Lips Make-up

Before make-up, we need to ensure your lips is moisture and soften the dead skin,then use a liquid foundation render, dilute your lip's colors. Before the color of the upper lip, you can use masking products to cover the original color of the lips. Apply lipstick on the inside of the lips, sips the lips to make the hard lines soften, and finally, the fingers gently open the color to create a natural transition effect.

2:Full Lips Make-up

Full Lips is the most outstanding,it can improve the lip shape.Apply the lipstick on your whole lips,then weaken the marginal.

3:Colour Block Trend

Based on the full lips make-up,we can finish the colour block trend.At first,we need to prepare tissue,then sip it.

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