Tips to know before applying nail polish gel

- Jun 02, 2018 -

Coating Gel Polish also need some technology. In general, the following 10 aspects should be noted:


First, dead skin must be clean.    

Second, must be coated primer before apply base gel.

Third, the end of plastic must be a very small amount, too easy to shrink plastic Fourth, the color plastic must be thin, solid color two times, light-colored translucent three times will not wrinkle 

Fifth, seals should not be too much, pay attention to appropriate amount. 

The Sixth, cleaning seal gel cleaning solution should be sufficient


Seven, avoid mixing different brands 

Eight, nail glue brush along the same surface, pressure, speed, radian launch, not too much pressure  

Ninth, nails after the edge of the arc-shaped plastic brush light in the phototherapy lamp after 3 minutes to completely dry, the color of the version, not yellow, no shrinkage and warping, shiny (no coating layer) no irritating This is only acceptable.

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