What do nail polish do?

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  What do nail polish do?

  1. Nail polish when not to be placed in the dark place, the cap to tighten, you can put in the refrigerator, before the use of a flash in the dark place, so that nail polish will not be easy to dry friends.

  2. Ordinary nail polish is the use of volatile organic solvents, volatile air, the bottle only solid, so dry friends. You can buy a bottle of transparent nail polish added, shake evenly.

  3. For natural water-based nail polish, when the nail polish, the bottle is not sealed state, the water will evaporate into the air, after the use of natural nail polish, thicken, you can drop a drop of water into the shake can be The.

  4. Can also be in some dry nail polish drop a few drops of perfume, but for metallic luster class of nail polish is not suitable, will make it lose the original luster.

  When is the nail polish?

  Common causes

  (1) the surface of the nail is not clean, there are grease, moisture or other impurities will lead to some places can not be coated with nail polish;

  (2) nail polish storage environment caused by poor product quality problems, or itself is the product is not good, but also pay attention to see if the oil gels are out of time Oh;

  (3) if not the same brand of primer and nail polish will appear when the degree of integration is not high.


  (1) clean to be meticulous and in place, in particular, to avoid customers in the nail when the fingers accidentally encountered just finished cleaning the surface, or grease and impurities remain on the surface.

  (2) now on the market quality of glucon gum uneven, it is recommended to buy better word of mouth goods, and try to use the same brand of products, to avoid the situation can not fit.

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