why does your gel nail polish not dry ?

- May 02, 2018 -

1. The base gel is excessive coating or unevenly.

The base gel only needs a thin coating one layer, simultaneously spreads evenly also is essential.The thick degree of the base gel, will affect the color gel directly, will cause the color gel shrink and illuminate not to do.

2. Phototherapy machine lamp aging, will cause ultraviolet intensity is not enough.As a nail-worker, be sure to check the equipment and update it at any time.

3. Irradiation time Too short 

phototherapy products are good or bad, distinguish between the quality of colloidal ingredients and how much, good quality colloid absorption of ultraviolet rays much faster than inferior products.Each irradiation time should be at least one minute or more (depending on the quality of the lamp and the new and old level).

4. Illumination angle is not correct irradiation area over a small number of fingers located in the light angle, the reflector is dirty or protective film is not torn off and other reasons, will cause its exposure is not in place, thus not dry. In particular, thumb, timely remind customers to pay attention to the thumb angle or individual light.

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