6 Things Help You Achieve Salon Quality Gel Nails At Home

- Sep 14, 2017 -

  6 things help you achieve salon quality gel nails at home

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    There are two secret weapon to have nice fingernails:Common Nail Polish and UV GEl NAIL POLISH.However,

you'll find it is easy to fall off while in the shower or washing your hand just after you beautifying your nails with the 

nail polish.You need more long-lasting product to protect your nails at the moment-UV GEl NAIL POLISH.Wear is the typical 4 weeks and soaks off in about 10 min,easy to apply.


    6 things help you achieve salon quality gel nails at home.No more waiting around in a salon trying to squeeze in that last minute appointment, do it in your own time whenever it suits you: 

 1. Buff the surface with the nail buffer/file. This will give the nails a dull look as its removes the shine, this only needs to       be done gently and will help with the adhesion of the product so that the combination of a surface and primer get           stronger..Otherwise the nails will be uneven then gel fall off. 

 2.  It is recommended for the first time coated with a thin layer: apply pure color twice, light and translucent color three       times, so that it will not wrinkle.


 3.  It is recommended to use the soak off top coat,more brighter and long-lasting,tability is also better. 


 4. The layer of top coat should be very thin,apply a thin layer over the colour coat and cure for 15 seconds,1-2 times to make sure it bright.

5.With a clean lint free wipe and some gel cleanser wipe over each nail, this will remove the sticky moisture layer and nails will be brighter and more beautiful 


6.Avoid mix different brands up: as different brands of nail polish, its composition is different, if mixed use, may lead to mutual exclusion, and produce off the phenomenon.

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   In short, the gel nail polish steps must be careful at every step, according to the standard operating procedures, to make good nails.

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