All You Need To Do Is Keep These 5 Tips In Mind To Make You Better Than Yesterday

- Sep 23, 2017 -


Plenty of beauty products attempt to give your skin the coveted "lit from within glow. "In fact,all you need to do is keep these 5 tips in mind to make you better than yesterday.It can help you to be able to alternate easily only style.

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You could be the Queen of Ever Changing Images on any occasion with these colors.

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Rouge tuxedo/Berry  


Berry is very popular in China for years and now catching on around the world,it complements is available in the must-have colour to highlight specific temperament of party,activities and formal occasion etc.People think they more distinguished with a berry lipstick even if light eye make-up.

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Choose Colour Tips 

3 hue for Berry:

Red Tone:the most common one also suitable for the public, but high cold and all-match.

Purple Tone:Suitable for “White Girl”

Brown Tone:suitable for white and tan skin

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  Make-up Tips 

How to use these lipstick?Secret is to be thick.It's better to use lipliner under to avoid too massive.Pay attention to ensure the long-lasting of the lipstick,You'll look like better.

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