At Home Gel Nails: The Best Gel Nail Polish

- Sep 12, 2017 -


For years women who manicured had to become dexterous in the most inventive ways. A drying manicure meant everything had to be done with the heels of the hands, not those delicate, still tacky fingertips, be that driving, rummaging for a credit card, cash or car key or even opening a door… Thirty minutes to ‘touch dry’ on wait-dry formulas was a luxury too far after an hour having varnish painstakingly and perfectly applied. And yet, that first day when varnish is super shiny, perfect and chip-free was all worth it. However, traditional nail varnish formulas, no matter how well they are applied, can fall foul of a hard surface and chip easily while one too many hand washes dull that mirror-like gloss of freshly painted lacquer.

Gel nail polish was a game-changer in salons for the fact that once you were done, you were done. No risk of dinging or chipping your polish by reaching into your purse and that high-shine finish lasted as long as two weeks. Then along came the gel nail kit, complete with LED light, for the manicure fan with a steady enough hand to replicate a salon finish at home.

If manicures are your thing check out these at home gel nail kits…

Best Gel Nail Kit for The All-Inclusive 

Works in exactly the same way as a salon gel manicure and this kit contains all the necessary steps you need. A prep, base layer, colour and top coat that all cure under the LED light. Great plus points for this set is that the colour selection available is vast, we challenge you not to get lost on their website choosing your next must-have shade...

Best Gel Nail Kit for Beginners

We know this brand for its useful manicure tools and their extensive range of press-on nails, but this kit is something different and includes everything you’d expect to achieve a salon-quality finish in the comfort of your own home. 

You'll get lost in the rainbow of colours you can add into this handy starter collection.

Best Gel Nail Kit For a Salon Finish

Hologram Gel Polish01.jpg

Here’s a kit that comes with a classic red - the kind of scarlet red you’d see on fingertips in the Mad Men typing pool - and is easily cured for a two-week wear with a prepare, polish and protect system. Plus there’s a rainbow of colours including fashion and trend shades to keep your nails on point.

Comes with a classic shade, but when you're ready to add colours there's a whole rainbow of fashionable shades to choose from.

Best Gel Nail Kit for On-The-Go 


If you already have a healthy collection of wait-dry nail colours you may feel a little sad to overlook them in favour of a gel brand’s shades. With this kit you can continue to use your own collection, you just cure a high-shine gel top coat over your usual manicure and it transforms it into a longer-lasting mani.

Turns your favourite wait-dry nail shade into a gel mani. 

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