Choose Their Own Lip Tint

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Choose their own lip tint

  Now on the market, many types of lip tint, hurry to choose a suitable for their skin color lip tint, enhance your charm index it! For those who always think that there is no suitable for their lip color of women, we recommend pink or orange lipstick and lip tint mixed with the use of the method.

  Yellowish color:

  Suitable for orange or brown lip tint with yellow tones (warm colors). You can try to apply a multi-layer color soft lip tint. But be careful not to use the pink lip tint that will make your face look ugly with blue tones (cool colors)!

  Rosy color:

  More suitable for hair color effect is better, bright lip tint. Smoothing without blurring contours, so that lip is clear and clear is the best policy. Neutral color but will make the lip contour is not obvious, should try to avoid using.

  White skin color:

  More suitable for bright orange or tender pink and other bright lip tint. The middle of the lip smear some thick, the surrounding part of the light is faint halo, creating a touching soft and delicate lips. Color too light lip tint will make people look listless, so do not use.

  Dark complexion

  Do not use neutral colors! Choose or strong or pale color, in order to create a spirit of the impression. In addition, the use of gold or pearl powder with lip tint, can show full of personality.

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