Common Nail Varnish Composition Is Generally Composed Of Two Categories

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Common Nail Varnish composition is generally composed of two categories, one is solid-state components, mainly pigments, flash substances, etc .; one is the liquid solvent components, the main use of acetone, ethyl acetate phthalate, formaldehyde Wait.


  There are many types of pigments, there are natural and man-made two categories, and now the most widely used is of course artificial color, but there are many artificial colors are toxic, and therefore may harm the human body. The well-known Sudanese red is a carcinogen. Natural pigments may also be mixed with harmful ingredients, but can be purified to remove harmful ingredients, but the removal of technology is quite difficult, and the cost is high, generally not for manufacturers to use.


  Ordinary Nail Varnish solvent components are basically toxic or harmful substances, which is not known to the average person. One of the most powerful, it should be phthalate, formaldehyde, followed by acetone, ethyl acetate and so on.

  Nail Varnish hazardous ingredients, phthalates will hinder the normal hormonal balance, leading to serious reproductive damage and other health problems; and benzene and formaldehyde are carcinogenic substances. There are reports that some of the ingredients in Nail Varnish may have an impact on the health of the fetus, and thus to attract high attention.

  Other ingredients

  In ordinary Nail Varnish, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid drying Nail Varnish, adding a large number of acetone, ethyl acetate components, these two components are characterized by very volatile, so Nail Varnish can quickly kill. But acetone and ethyl acetate are dangerous chemicals, which are flammable and explosive, produce a scary odor in the volatile atmosphere, and stain the indoor air (the volume will expand by a thousand times after evaporation) Long-term inhalation of the case, the nervous system may be harmful, but also strong irritation to the mucosa. If there is a baby at home, then contact with such ingredients is even more dangerous. These organic solvents there is a disadvantage, that is, repeated use in the nail after repeated nails, brittle, white, resulting in "nail is not anti-anti-A."

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