Cute Color Gel Polish Nail Art Gel At Home

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Your nails could be so cute!Let's us DIY your exclusive colors with gel varnish .

Little bear is most of girls' favorite animal.Learn how to paint it then.

One step:a layer of gel polish base coat at first,it's necessary for any kind of beauty nail.Cure nail gel with uv lamp,then apply white color gel polish in French Line on your fingertip.

The second step:Apply light blue color on white,as photo,dip silver glitter on line then.

The second step:we need to paint leaf on nail now,to prepare the green color gel polish and toothpick,draw the vein of leaf after leaf finished.Then cure by uv lamp.

Step four :the painting of ring finger is anti-french manicure,draw the effect of below with the white uv gel and silver glitters.

Step five:Dip light blue uv gel on ring finger with slim pen as photo.

Step six:Then use slim pen paint the eye and nose of bear in black gel polish color.

Step seven:Apply pink color uv gel to make the month,and black color make beard.

Finally:Repeat the second step,draw the leat on ring finger.Is it cute?

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