Gel Polish Application Methods

- Dec 04, 2017 -

At present, one of the most popular nail art styles is gel polishnail art, which is one of the courses that nail art teachers must learn.

The gel polish glue home is divided into several other ways. Such as blooming nail art and painting nail art.

The fashion nail art is different every year, but before the winter this year is more popular is the red solid gel polish  Naqu children teach you nail polish nails halo method. Nail art friends can learn it.

Gel polish application methods:

1, nail tools and nail products ready, pick your favorite nail glue color 

2, the use of nail tools on the A-type sanding, trimming. A repair their favorite type A. 

3, choose your favorite first color of nail polish, brush shape to vertical bar on the nail surface, starting from the trailing edge of the nail, brushing the surface of the nail half the location, the other part of the selection of another Color nail polish brush coated. 

4, nail polish is dry, you can use the pen gently at the junction of the two colors brushing, the two types of gummy oil line blurred, there is a very natural transition, and then the nail on the nail light machine light Under the irradiation, let nail glue dry.

5, and then repeat the 1-4 steps again. This allows the color to look fuller, more saturated, and the nail surface smoother, more refined.

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