How Do Novices Make Beautiful Nails?

- Sep 15, 2017 -

How do novices make beautiful nails?

Nail is popular fashion elements in recent years, and for novice, monochrome nail is the easiest to learn. But monochrome nail although it looks simple, to brush the uniform clean is not so easy things. Today, the Far East makeup school Xiao Bian for novice novice offer a very detailed monochrome nail color of the tutorial, do not miss it!

2.Clean your nails

First with a professional manicure tools, repair the desired nail shape, and for the hand to dead skin. Note: manicure side clean hands, wipe the nail with a stick to wipe the remaining nail polish on the nail, and then clean his hands; with a scissors nail trimmed into the ideal shape; with a file will be trimmed after the margin File smooth; with soft soapy water soak nails 5 to 10 minutes, so that soft skin, delicate skin soak time is slightly shorter, rough skin soak time slightly longer, soaked after wiping coated skin cream; with a shovel will paste In the nail on the skin of a push; with a leather cut to the skin and nails on both sides of the old skin cut, and then use a pliers to remove the excess horny; Apply moisturizer to your hands for simple hand massage.

2. Nail shape

A: square A general, the square nail very personalized and lead the trend, not easy to break, more professional women and white-collar class like. If your hands are big enough, your fingers are slender and you can choose square nails. It has the feeling of lengthening the length of the fingers. Because it is the overall elongation, so look with the whole palm will be very uniform.

B: square round nail square round nail front and side are straight, angular place into a circular outline, this looks very strong shape will give a soft feeling, for the obvious joints, fingers slender Of the customer, square round can make up for deficiencies.

C: oval nail oval nails, from the free edge to the front of the nail to the outline of the oval, is a traditional oriental shape. Suitable for both hands and fingers are very rounded girl. It is also more popular and most people like a shape. Is the shape of the finger is very coordinated on the basis of, will increase the length of the finger, to improve the image of short fingers.

D: pointed nail hand small, fine fingers will be trimmed into a sharp fingernail, you can make the hands look slender, exquisite beauty. Pointed nails as contact area is small, easy to break, and Asians of the thin shape, not suitable for repair into a sharp shape. But if it is on the stage or attend the evening party can consider the pointed nails. Can increase the sense of fashion, attract others to the eye.

E: French nail nail shape trimmed into an oval. The nails first cut into a rectangular, grinding a knife on both sides of the angle into oval. If not long enough, you can stay a little longer nails, and then repair the oval, and will appear your fingers very slender. French nail on the upper part of the nail white, the following is transparent.

3. The whole nail process

Wash your hands: it is best to use the warm water before the first hand bubble, the way to clean the nails on the dust, dirt ~ can also let the edge of the nail skin softening.

Pruning: nail need to have a beautiful nail, which is the basis to do, in general, choose the nail clippers for their nails, about 2 times can be cut, too easy to cut out the frivolous, too small and easy to trim. With sand pieces gently polished nail edge, it is recommended to use sand more fine file to protect the nails.

Polished: a lot of girl's nail surface is very uneven, so this situation will use the profile to achieve the effect, but it is not recommended to use sand with sand polished nail side, because if often do so then the nails will become thin Very brittle, the consequences are extremely unfavorable.

Softening: especially in autumn and winter is more obvious. We all know that the skin on the edge of the nail is often very hard and dry, but also often from the skin, this time can make the skin softener to solve.

Nutrition: the best in the nail before the nutrition, in the nail edge coated with a layer of surface nutrients, gently massage to the absorption of nails played a strong protective effect

Bottom: nail if long-term do not have the end of oil, then wash the nail polish, nails yellow, which are useless oil.

Coloring: choose your favorite nail polish color, brush on the nails on it

Seal: This has come to the last step of the nail, painted on the nail painted bright oil, not only to the nail particularly bright, but also to protect the nail polish does not fade!

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