How To Paint Lipstick?

- Oct 11, 2017 -

First maintain your lips, then apply lipstick.

Each time lipstick when there will be lines, or is the color is not uniform, so some girls think they will not lipstick, in fact, they usually lazy do not pay attention to lip maintenance. Painted lipstick, it seems the texture will not be very good!

It is recommended to use lip balm at home to apply to the lips. Let the lips soften, smooth the lips of the lines!

Cover the lip line with a concealer

Everyone's original lip color is not the same, so even if it is the same lipstick, painted lips will produce some subtle color changes. Especially the lips of the color of the girls in the dark, no matter what lipstick feel and the original color is not the same (bitter! Annoying!)

We all know that the lip concealer, but you know the most need to "cover" where is it? - want to better reflect the color of lipstick, first of all to their own lip line to cover off Caixing!

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