How To Paint Nail Varnish And Docile

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  How to paint Nail Varnish and docile.

  NO1 hand "makeup" care is very important

  A lot of female friends nails look very beautiful, but approached a look to find the edge of the nail there are a lot of barbs and chaos of the place, very affect the beautiful. This time we can use a special finger repair oil, its effect is to specifically nourish the edge of the nail skin.

  In addition, eat more with vitamin B2 can prevent the "barbed" production. A week should do a hand film, the method is very simple, with thin plastic gloves or cotton gloves wrapped with moisturizing material filled with the hand, wait ten to twenty minutes and then wash away, the hand will be very tender. Olive oil, milk, etc. are very beneficial to the skin care ingredients.

  NO2 nail repair and shape polished

  Nail repair what shape, a great impact on the beauty, in general, dark Nail Varnish for short nails, this time suitable for repairing the nails into a short circular look, so painted out will be very beautiful. And long fingernails should be built into a square, so more elegant. In addition also need a special manicure tools, remove the nail edge of the excess dead skin. Use a special grinding tool to polish the nail bottom and prepare for the last Nail Varnish. Do not underestimate this step Oh! Because there is no polishing and lead to oil when the bubble is not good.

  NO3 Nail Varnish coating method

  It must not only reduce the Nail Varnish damage to nails, but also can play the role of strengthening the nails, and can fill the rugged surface of the nail, making after the "makeup" easier. Nail Varnish coating method is very particular about, from the bottom of the middle of the Tu, more to the direction of the fingertips more force, so the brush will be scattered, you can brush to all the positions.

  Nail Varnish This is a need to slowly learn the process, more practice will be skilled. Finally, must be coated with a transparent top oil, in addition to make lanola more luster, but also to extend the life of Nail Varnish it!

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