How To Paint Nail Varnish And Maintain Nails

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  How to paint Nail Varnish and maintain nails

  The principle of Nail Varnish and oil maintenance is "before and after", leaving a gap in the white part of the lower end of the nail to allow the nails to breathe. A continuous smear of Nail Varnish will hinder the "breathing" of the nail, making the nails yellow, brittle, and loss of natural luster. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the Nail Varnish is fully processed, Nail Varnish does not continue to smear, at least let the nail naked rest for one weeks. During this time, nails can be maintained. Rub a layer of olive oil on your nails to moisturize the damaged nails.

  If you want to wash nails with Nail Varnish, you should 1―2 the new Nail Varnish after weeks. Nail Wash water contains machine solvents, can damage the cuticle of nails, so that the cuticle of the nail surface because of drying and become vulnerable.

  Nail Varnish in general, can be kept for 2 years, under closed, can be saved for 3 years do not use expired Nail Varnish. Stop using Nail Varnish for three months before pregnancy.

  Nail Varnish ingredients will be more or less harmful to the human body, the purchase of safe and healthy Nail Varnish is a very important thing, natural water-based Nail Varnish will be more popular, natural ingredients will be more and more applications to Nail Varnish.

  How to distinguish between good and bad Nail Varnish

  With proper drying speed and can harden;

  With easy to apply to the nail viscosity;

  Can form uniform coating film;

  Uniform color;

  The gloss and tone of the film can be maintained for a long time;

  The adhesion of the film is good;

  The coating film has certain elasticity;

  Remove Nail Varnish products such as washing with water.

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