It Is Time To Gently Care Your Delicate Lips

- Oct 14, 2017 -

Our lips are different from the skin, it's only a thin layer of sebum,even often become very dry due to lack of sebaceous glands.In the meantime,under the influence of age, sun, and other environmental factors, there is no doubt that the lips of this layer of sebum film is getting thinner!Obviously most of people wont so care about their lips in daily life, but it is time to gently care your delicate lips if you do not want it gets dry and scaly.


Change your lip balm!

Will the claviform lip balm actually be useful? Of course, it can help you to prevent the loss of that moisture on your lips.Unfortunately, it wont to rehydrate your lips,or worse, this kind of lip balm are packed with waxy, menthol and camphor,it is more likely to make the lips become more dry. You'd better to choose a creamy lips care products, which contain more moisturizers, such as hyaluronic acid, squalene, avocado oil, jojoba oil, not only can better nourish the lips, but also help to absorb the water from the surrounding environment.


Clean up the dead skin on the lips timely!

If the dead skin on you lips make you feel uncomfortable? More than this,dead skin always affects the absorption of moisturizer, and lips get drier and drier, that's why you have to clean it up in time. And who said that cream can only be used on the face? In fact, the cream is rich in grease,which can deep moisturizing lip, make the skin  soft and easy to clean up. In addition, you can also try to mix honey, coconut oil and brown sugar then massage your lips, and It can help you to achieve ideal results of cleaning and moisturizing after taking bath then massage.


Protect your lips from ultraviolet light!

Lips are very sensitive, and much more easily influenced by ultraviolet light.You will need a lip balm or lipstick whose protective value of SPF15 before going out,otherwise,your lips might be dull and cracked. After getting into this habit, you will find that is even more important than using expensive lips repair products every night!

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