Lip Tint Can Be Divided Into The Following Types

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  lip tint can be divided into the following types:

  Crystal lip tint: Transparent crystal lip tint is very popular with young women, especially in the warm season, it will give you a transparent makeup to add infinite charm. Lipstick in the resin composition can make it attached to the lips for a long time, not to be absorbed. Can be used alone, can also be painted on the lipstick. After use as if to the lips coated with a layer of bright lip oil, looks crystal clear, so long lip bright bright, moving.

  Colorful lip tint: are translucent lip tint, rich colors, but also has the effect of glossy. This light color lip tint, will be formed in the lips on the natural and slightly transparent color, looks pretty Run Run. Especially the red and light red light color lip tint, ruddy effect, so that users look teeth white lips red, healthy and natural.

  Bright color lip tint: color than the first two more gorgeous, suitable for eclectic makeup and in the grand occasion to use. It is slightly less transparent, smear can be covered with the original color of the lips or even lip.

  Pearlescent lip tint: in the lip tint to join the shiny pearl powder, so that the lips look shining stars of the glory, especially in the dance under the lights, even more dazzling, highly luxurious, and the effect is more durable The

  Different people on the same brand of lip tint feelings may not be the same, here is to provide a reference, which is your lip tint really "best", maybe you will try to personally try.

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