Lip Tint Usage

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  lip tint usage

  The first usage

  Only use lip tint, many young girls are only using lip tint, without using lipstick.

  The advantage of this is that it is more convenient, even if not painted against the mirror, no problem. At the same time will not look very old-fashioned, both lips have fresh feeling, but not too rich and brilliant.

  The second usage

  Cover the same color lipstick. Lipstick is characterized by the fact that the lips can be made pure and delicate, but the weakness is that it may be more rigid.

  So, you can choose a lip color with the same color lipstick, will not affect the characteristics of the entire makeup, while lip will be more moist and full.

  The third usage

  Increase the sense of three-dimensional. In fact, if you have lipstick primer, then your lip tint does not actually cover the entire lips, you can only point in the middle of the lips, and can choose and lipstick different color lip tint, may appear strange three-dimensional effect, will appear Dream smart.

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