Most People Choose Lip Stain No More Than Two Considerations

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Most people choose lip stain no more than two considerations, the first is the texture, the second is the color. Texture will consider the actual moisture and durability, followed by popular matte or moist. Color considerations vary from person to person, some will keep up with the trend, and ignore the coating will become side of the sick or exaggerated too much; some will be very conservative, always choose some neutral natural color, in short, look at It seems to be right for yourself. In fact, choose lip stain color, learn more than it! Buy lip stain before the best in front of the mirror to observe their own face, to pay attention to the four things: lip, lip color, tooth color, color.


  Lip is not obvious, too thick or too thin, upper and lower lip thickness is too large, or left and right extremely asymmetrical, in addition to lip liner and concealer correction, it is best to use a class of light brown on most of the East People are "work" of the natural tone.

  Lip color

  Because long-term use of lip stain, lip color inevitably biased pale or dull. Buy lip stain in addition to consider the hiding power and durability, but also to understand the same lip stain used in the pale lips will be more fresh, used in the dull lips will be more matte. While the popular light brown lip stain, unless with full makeup, otherwise in the face of most Oriental people will not look good!

  Tooth color

  With Hao white teeth of course, do not bother, the teeth will have to avoid the use of cool colors such as purple and pink, but also to give up orange orange lip stain.


  Skin color absolutely accounted for an important part of color selection, yellow skin with pink, pink will not pleasing to the eye, partial black skin color can not be used too shallow or too bright lip stain. If the color of the skin is yellow, it is necessary to choose a warm series, as far as possible to avoid the use of pink tones. Although the pink lip stain look good, but yellowish skin coated it will appear to be skin sallow, unhealthy. And the skin of the white people, it is suitable for pink, painted after the lining will be skin white.

  Dress with

  Before lip stain, lip stain to get the clothes to do some contrast, choose the color is relatively similar.

  Lip liner is a good lip stain partner: lip liner first painted lip line, for the lips are not neat people, is a good modification, but also to prevent the flush of halo. To develop the habit of lip stain with cotton sticks, do not let the lips directly contact lip stain, so neither hygiene, and easy to make lip stain deterioration. If you want the lips show silky soft color, may wish to apply a little bit of lip stain after lip stain, lips up and down sip, the lips will be able to fully show a soft texture.

  Carefully observe the quality of lip stain: qualified lip stain performance, smooth paste without pores, and to meet the heat and cold standards, generally do not appear bending and softening, even if the outdoor temperature is low, back to room temperature can be used for a few minutes. While the poor quality of the lip stain surface is not smooth, look at a small expansion or paste sweating phenomenon. Therefore, in the choice of not to ignore its packaging and the bottom of the label. Qualified lip stain Whether it is hardcover or simple, the label on the production date, production license number, shelf life, manufacturers and other clearly visible General formal shopping malls selling lip stain, pay more attention to the goods to check, the product to go through the commodity inspection and city health and epidemic prevention station detection through the purchase more assured, and the stall sales are less secure.

  Also, look at the ingredients. Some of the ingredients in some lip stains (such as lanolin, etc.) can cause allergies. So, when choosing lip stain or be careful for the better.

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