Nail Varnish Do Not Apply Continuously

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Nail Varnish do not apply continuously

  Many girls like to paint Nail Varnish to show their beauty. But experts advise, Nail Varnish do not apply for continuous, at least let the nails break a week.

  The main components of Nail Varnish are volatile solvents, as well as a few oily solvents. Continuous Nail Varnish, will hinder the nail "breathing", so that nails turn yellow, brittle, and easy to nail surface loss of natural luster. Therefore, Fan Wei new proposal, should wait until the Nail Varnish completely peel off, let nail exposed for a week.

  In addition, with Nail Varnish wash Nail Varnish, the nail should be necessary maintenance, and then 1-2 weeks after the new Nail Varnish. This is because the wash water containing organic solvents, there is a certain stimulus and side effects. It contains volatile substances that irritate the respiratory tract. But also damage the nail keratinocytes, so that the naked surface of the stratum corneum due to dry and become fragile.

  Therefore, in the nail "rest" of the week, should be on the nail for conservation. You can paint a layer of olive oil on your nails to nourish damaged nails. Also recommended that we use gauze wrapped in nails, and then in accordance with the anti-clockwise direction of the nail massage.

  Nail Varnish skills

  When the Nail Varnish is given to the nail. In addition to grease or cream applied to the nail around and the roots, but also in the nail coated protective layer. Nail Varnish before the Nail Varnish beating, try to make the bottle to reconcile the color evenly. These Nail Varnish techniques can help Amy's female friends have a more beautiful nail.

  Nail Varnish colors are rose red, red, flesh, bean sand color, silver, white, black, green, blue and other colors. Now the most popular Nail Varnish is translucent pink and beige, light color Nail Varnish today is the most fashionable. Nail Varnish can be any color, you do not have to buy a lot of Nail Varnish to cope with changes in clothing color, just buy a few main colors, and the original color, with overlapping color or partition color method The deployment of Nail Varnish, will receive unexpected results. Overlapping color, can be painted a layer of high degree of color and bright color, and then coated with a layer of pearl texture of the space color, that can create another color effect. Partition color, you can at the front of the fingertips and nails coated with contrasting color to do with; or fingernails are divided into left and right areas, you can also use two or more colors, the interval painted contrasting color, or a coordinated color The

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