Nail Varnish Is Used Correctly

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  Nail Varnish is used correctly

  Before applying Nail Varnish, please make sure that you have not cleaned, wiped or coated with grease. Before the Nail Varnish, put the bottom with Nail Varnish, modified pen, transparent Nail Varnish prepared in the next. First of all, first coated with a layer of Nail Varnish in the bottom, in addition to the longer lasting nail, but also to other Nail Varnish when applied to more smoothly, at the same time, isolation Nail Varnish pigmentation.

  Professionals often only with a thin brush coated with a layer of Nail Varnish, brush from the middle of the fingertips to the past brush, and then painted on both sides of the nail. As the hiding power of Nail Varnish is produced by the pigment, you may have to apply the second layer of Nail Varnish. Finally, a layer of transparent Nail Varnish can be more durable. Shiny and shiny.

  Nail Varnish coating method

  1. Before the Nail Varnish, first in the nail surface coated with a layer at the end. Brush with a Nail Varnish brush from the fingertips.

  2. In the middle of the nail began to brush up to the fingertips a long line.

  3. The second crossed the line parallel to the nail skin.

  4. Now the place where the nails are not painted are painted with long strips.

  5. And then coated with a thin layer of Nail Varnish. And then on the second layer to strengthen the color. Be careful not to brush on the skin, if applied, you can use the modified pen to get rid of.

  Handle the secret

  1. When applying each layer of Nail Varnish, be sure to wait for it to dry. It is best to apply a layer of a layer, better than painted too much thicker.

  2. Nail Varnish to be indoors.

  3. If the Nail Varnish is applied to the skin, the pen will come in handy.

  4. Do not put Nail Varnish in the fridge. Too cold or overheating will only make Nail Varnish is not too thick is too light.

  5. The transparent Nail Varnish painted at the fingertips, you can let the nails look bright, but also stable to maintain.

  6. In the nail longer or cross the groove to the bottom with a fill brush, can act as a layer of Nail Varnish.

  7. Especially those who do not have the patience of Nail Varnish often encounter bad "small problem." At this time to decide how to deal with before you have to know when the Nail Varnish is dry surface, when it really did. That is, gently tapping the painted nails, if not stick, it means that Nail Varnish has been dry. With the hair dryer can speed up the dry Nail Varnish.

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