The Lips Of Temptation Are Unique

- Oct 10, 2017 -

 Founded in November 2015, professional make-up brand, Beautilux harvests a lot of praise these years, our products can easily grasp the demands of women, and we always work on the concept of "wonderful inspiration" , so that more women can quickly and efficiently draw their original look of makeup.

Metal Lip Gloss.jpg

  Beautilux is very good at using color matching, through bold color collision to create a more compact makeup effect. We achieve such a private custom lip gloss, it tells us that change the makeup is not so complicated imagination, only the different interpretation of the lips between the color can make you love beauty.

  The lips of temptation are unique

  We can mix different shine colors to create belong to their own unique lip color according to different ideas, and not just use it as a lipstick, but also blush and eyeliner or eye shadow, it is a multi disc.

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