The Most Important Thing To Choose Lip Stain Is The Need To Be Based On Their Own Characteristics

- Aug 25, 2017 -

  The most important thing to choose lip stain is the need to be based on their own characteristics, that is, their age, color, clothing and the choice of different occasions different colors, perfect to do this, it takes a lot of energy, but Simple method is also better grasp, the main attention to the following principles:

  Generally speaking, older, skinny and office workers of professional women, should choose a darker lip stain; and young, color is white, or often more relaxed in the outdoor environment of women, you can choose to compare Bright colors; if you attend special occasions, such as a ball or friends feast, etc., can be treated according to special circumstances. Therefore, the general conditions of women, standing two colors of lip stain, you can meet the needs of different periods.

  Second, the color selected, we must pay attention to the quality of the selected lip stain clearance. Qualified lip stain from the surface, the paste smooth and no pores, to a certain heat and cold standards, will not appear bending and softening, even if the outdoor temperature is low, back to room temperature can be used for a few minutes. While the poor quality of the lip stain surface is not very regular, look at a small expansion, paste sweating and so on. Therefore, when you choose lip stain do not ignore its packaging and the bottom of the label, qualified lip stain, whether it is hardcover or simple, label production date, production license number, shelf life, manufacturers and other clearly visible General formal shopping malls in the sales of lip stain, pay more attention to the goods to check, the product to go through the commodity inspection and city health and epidemic prevention station detection, the purchase is more at ease, and the stall sales are less secure.

  Furthermore, consumers must choose their own products according to their level of consumption. The market sales of lip stain, high, medium and low are there, but the quality of lip stain and the price level is not proportional to the price. Affect the price of many factors: such as imports of lip stain due to the tax, the price is high; domestic lip stain due to different prices, such as plastic packaging, coupled with the influence of the brand so that the price of lip stain from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars a range. Consumers do not blindly pursue the brand name, or the price level on the pros and cons, mainly in the first two steps on the basis of the ability to do it.

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