Three Key Points In The Process Of Using Gel Polish

- May 19, 2018 -

1: Why did it fall off? warped? 

It is very important to get rid of dead skin before doing nails. If you don't go dead skin or apply too much to the edge, it's very easy to cause nail polish to curl up. Usually it's because the polished nails are not in place. When you polish, you have to be careful. The horns must also be ground.

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2: Why is it shrinking? 

The operation time is too long. When five fingers are brushed and then put together in the phototherapy lamp. If gel polish itself stays on the nails for too long, and it is easy to cause shrink the gel polish. If the brush nail oil is not fast enough, it is recommended to brush 1 or 2 fingers and curing by the light first, and then brush the other, equal to five fingers in two or three operations. Another point is that the brush is too thick and easy to shrink.

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3: Why do some people think thin? 

Good quality Gel polish will not be very viscous, and its thinness is very moderate. When the brush is to be a thin layer, the thinner the better, brush until even, brush two layers to achieve fullness. Fresh nail polish will also be thinner than the factory. Nail polish operation is more convenient. Unlike the nail polish, the more viscous it is.

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Special Note: If the weather is cold, it will be a little thicker and it is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to warm the bottle with warm water. Belong to nail polish or sequins, use a toothpick to mix the nail polish in the bottle. Avoid water stains do not drip into the bottle, or placed in a warming machine warming. When applying nail glue, it is normal for color unevenness to occur. Use a wooden stick for normal use. Do not place it in a place exposed to strong light. Tighten the cover after use. The    

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