Tips For A Lasting Manicure

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1, base oil to do the foundation. Be sure to use base oil. "While it takes a little more time to squeeze, it will make the color nail polish more cohesive, last longer, and prevent the pigmentation on the nail surface."

2, the stratum corneum is very important. Never cut off the nail bed, that is, the stratum corneum. Although this looks beautiful, but because of improper handling in the course of the operation is likely to cause fungal infection.

3, white in power to find the right white nail polish. In the choice of white nail polish, to ensure that the texture is relatively heavy cream type, so it will not be too thin or too mottled. To verify that it is not transparent, you can use the brush after picking nail polish in the bottle after the rub, if you can see it in the bottle is translucent, indicating that its coloring strength is not enough.

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