What We Need Before Applying Gel Nail Polish?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

UV or LED lamp, nail brush, primer, gel polish base coat, color gel polish, gel polish top coat, fake nail tips(if needed), nail glue (if needed), nail file, nail sponge, cleansing brush, cleanser.

If you want nails to be longer , you can use gel polish builder gel, or simply use nail tips. File your nail to get some lines, apply nail glue to nail tips, and stick to filed nails, file the nail tip part which is higher than natural nail until getting an natural looking.

File the nail tips on your nails. This is very important. The uneven nail sruface can help getting better combinations.

Apply base coat for a thin layer cure for 30s.

Apply color gel polish and cure for 120s.

Apply top coat and cure for 60s.

base top.jpg

No Wipe Glaze Gel.jpg

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