Why Not Use Sunscreen Lip Balm?

- Nov 24, 2017 -

In the summer we will not forget to give the face sunscreen,but gnore the lips is also need for sunscreen.

When we complain about your lip's deep color, do you really want to review yourself? Do you really pay attention to your lips?

In fact, the lip sunscreen is really not trouble, a sunscreen lipstick will be able to fix!

Choose a light texture sunscreen lipstick.

Lips and face like the skin, will bear pollution, drying, sunlight and other pressures, so lips need moisture, isolation and sunscreen. Hot summer, it is recommended to use products choose light texture, and with a certain SPF lip products.

Ultraviolet rays make your lips grow old.

One of the major causes of lip wrinkles is dryness and aging, and ultraviolet radiation is definitely one of the culprits for drying and aging. The lips have no pigment protection, and the color is deeper than the other parts of the skin, so it is easy to absorb ultraviolet rays.

Lip skin is particularly sensitive and fragile, so it needs special care. Especially when the season, more likely to feel discomfort, dry lips. In addition, exposure to allergies or licking your lips can also make your lips sensitive.

Do you think it's okay to tear off your lip skin?

After peeling the lips, it will be unsightly, but also affect make-up, so many people are accustomed to easily tear it out, in order to temporarily look good. But do not know this is a very dangerous way, because in tearing off the dead skin at the same time, also can cause bleeding, redness and other issues, but not worth the candle.

Strong acid is dangerous to remove lip keratin

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