You Can Eat Your Nail Now

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Nail biters look away now, as the latest beauty trend to sweep the web is only going to make your habit worse.

New Zealand nail artist Jessie Mills has created edible nails made out of chocolate - but even she admits that they're not exactly pretty.

Despite dividing opinion, a video of her creating the sugary nails has been watched on Instagram 57,000 times.

For the edible nails, Mills, who runs the popular nail art Youtube and social media accounts Nailed It NZ, swirls chocolate writing icing onto each nail.

Using white, milk and dark chocolate icing on different nails, she then studs some of the nails with edible silver balls or blobs of white icing.

Qualified nail technician Mills said she was inspired to create edible nails after taking part in this year's other big nail art trend - the polish mountain challenge.

The craze saw beauty bloggers apply more than 100 coats of polish to create a hard rainbow-coloured lump on each nail.


She told Femail Food&Drink that she asked herself:

'What's the weirdest thing I can come up with?'.

Despite racking up thousands of views online, her video tutorials of how to recreate the chocolate nails have polarised opinion among beauty fans.

Some said they looked 'gross,' or compared them to fecal matter, while others were concerned that eating chocolate off your nails is not very hygienic.

But in response to her critics, Mills said: 'On Facebook, people got very stressed and angry about it! I can understand as its pretty unusual.'

'When people say: "Ew that looks so gross," I just think yes, I agree. And when people say: "Ew your fingers are so dirty, why would you put them in your mouth?" I just think: "Ever licked your fingers after KFC? "Ever licked your fingers after KFC?

'When people say: "Ew she put poo on her nail," I just laugh.

'I don't get worried about comments, especially for this one as it was just for fun. I've been online for long enough to build a thick skin. I tend to read them out loud and my husband and I have a good giggle.'

She added: 'I actually went to re-do edible nails recently but couldn't. Once was enough - time for normal nail art now!'

As well as recreating viral beauty trends, Mills has built a legion of 26,500 fans on Instagram, 50,000 on Youtube and 44,500 on Facebook with her creative nail art tutorials.

Recent videos include how to make geometric patterns, festive Christmas tree art and even Pokemon Go-inspired nails.

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